It was this past Sunday morning.  I was filling up the old Elantra with the lawn mower, whipper-snipper, extra batteries, gas, etc., to go into my father’s old house to mow the lawn.  I noticed the right front tire was low, got out the mini air compressor and filled it up.  Decided to check the rest and two other tires were low, it took about 15 minutes to fill the three tires.  I am now on my way for the half hour drive into Sydney.

About 15 minutes along, I noticed a car up ahead that resembled an AMC.  As I got closer I saw that it was a 73/74 Javelin.  It was silver with black side stripes.  I’m thinking to myself that I’ve to stop this guy, how many AMC’s do I see in Cape Breton??? Zero!!!

We’re getting close to Sydney when he decides to make a left turn down a side road, now’s my chance, I follow him down the road.  By this time I’m flashing my lights enthusiastically.  He finally puts his signal on and stops.  I jump out of the car and approach his window.  A gentleman with a ball cap on said hi.  As soon as I saw his face I said Freddie Lewis, he said do I know you?? This is a guy I haven’t seen in over forty years, predates my AMX acquisition of 1979.  Fred was the owner operator of Fred Lewis Irving, an AMC dealership back in the 1970’s.

Fred would have to be at least 75 by now, probably older.  His wife was with him.

In grade 12, I had owned a 1964 American.  The transmission went in it and I had to get it towed to his dealership.  I still remember that it cost dad about $200.00 to get it fixed. When I went to pick it up I remember he had a new 71 Javelin parked over the pit doing a pre delivery inspection.

I told him about my AMX, showed him a wallet picture, he recalled the car and said that my current colour was different.  When I had bought the car someone had painted it chocolate brown.

Fred was surprised at my enthusiasm/craziness, we talked a bit and he asked me if I knew where he could get a new wiper switch.  Fred’s car is an original 1973 Javelin with a Pierre Cardin interior, original paint.  This is the first time I had seen this car around.  After talking with him a few more minutes I asked if he would mind me calling him and arranging a meeting in the near future, he said no problem, give him a call, he was about 10 minutes outside of Sydney.

I will be going over to his house in the next couple of weeks, I will take some pics.  There should be an interesting story there for sure.

If it hadn’t been for that slow leak, I would have never seen him!!!!!

Dave Nalepa

AMO +  Atlantic Rep