Fall Colours Tour, October 15th, 2017

Some of the beautiful scenery

Okay, so I'm a "little" late in reporting about the Fall Colours Tour this year!!  I think it took me this long to get dried off and over the problems we had with the Hornet!  But, I am a little ahead of myself.

Ken and Irene Perrier planned a wonderful tour for us this year!  They had spent hours mapping out the route, putting together the menu of items needed for dinner and gathering prizes for the winner (and loser) of the poker run portion of the tour.  Thanks so much, Ken and Irene, for doing that!  All of those in attendance had a blast! 

The one thing they had no control over was the weather!  To say it "rained" would be an understatement.  It poured!!  Now, by itself, that wouldn't have been too bad except for a few things.  Number 1 - these are AMCs we're talking about and their windshield wiper system was never the best.  Number 2 - the windows never fit all that well so those who braved the afternoon in our old gals found a bit of a lake forming by our feet in the front!  Number 3 (and most troubling) - the choke in our SC 360 was sticking open at about 3,000 rpms.  Harm tried a few fixes which worked for a bit but ultimately we were revving pretty high as we were careening around corners in the blinding rain!  And I'm pretty sure our tires were not always in full contact with the road!  I was really glad Harm was the one driving that day because I became his eyes so we were able to stay within the lines! To top it all off, because we were concentrating on staying alive, we missed a LOT of clues so we got the "prize" for the fewest correct answers. 

Is anybody out there??

Once we all made it back to Dunsford, we were treated to good food and conversation. 

Biggest loser!!
Our newest member
Ken handing out some prizes
Lucky Roberta!!