Marty and the Mojos, September 30th, 2017

Randy Weales has been playing drums most, if not all, of his life!  In that time, due to repetitive stress on his arms and legs, he has to completely reverse how his drums are set out.  But he hasn't let that stop him.  He's an amazing drummer in a great band called "Marty and the Mojos"!  They do mostly blues but some other types as well.  On September 30th, 2017, a few AMO+ members went down to Port Hope to hear them play one of three sets they were doing that weekend!  As we are all getting on in age, we decided to go for the Saturday afternoon set and they did not disappoint!  The music was amazing, the beer was cold and the friendship was fabulous! 

If you look really hard, you'll see Randy's head behind Marty!!

Between sets, Randy and Michelle Weales invited those who could go back to their home in Cobourg for a pot-luck dinner.  Unfortunately, Harm and I had a 60th birthday party to go to in Peterborough but we wouldn't have missed this afternoon for the world!  The next time I hear about them playing near by, we're going to go again.  This is yet another example of the cars bringing us together (in our case, about 30+ years ago when Michelle and Randy were very young) but the friendships we've made along the way being the biggest reason why our chapter has stayed intact for so long. 

Barb van der Veen