Who said we’re too old to go on maneuvers??

Through Darryl Rae, Harm was given the number of a guy in Erin who had "some Javelin" parts he wanted to get rid of, as well as a 1969 Javelin.  Wayne (AMO member but not AMO+) has had some health problems so he was wanting to simplify his life (and garage).  As Harm and I have a few projects that could benefit from some spare parts, we decided to visit Wayne on Saturday, August 20th.  I packed a picnic lunch and off we went in our 3/4 ton truck (Harm didn't want to appear overly excited by bringing the trailer).  When we arrived, we were treated to a very nice Javelin (hunter green with white stripe down the sides).  It was complete but needed a restoration.  He wanted more than we would be able to pay (and besides that, we have enough projects to do) but if anyone is interested, we'll provide you with his name and number.  He had lots of parts though - doors, glass, 1968 SST hood, seats, door sills, etc., etc.  We picked up everything he didn't need for his Javelin and crammed the parts into the box and back seat of the truck!  When we got home, we sorted them into categories (our ability to remember things just ain't what it used to be) and put them into Harm's barn.  They will certainly come in handy for us and, whatever we don't need, we will be selling to others in the club.

Barb van der Veen