From: randy.piitz@ncsonline.ca

I am selling a few amc-related things, if you know anyone looking can you pass the info along.  I am pretty firm on the prices (I didn’t leave a lot of wiggle room to negotiate, ‘cause I don’t negotiate well).  Items are as follows:

Wiseco 401 pistons, .030 over and k1 rods (9.5-1 comp) – new in box.  $1050 they’re worth over $1600 with exchange rate and duty.  Got them for someone that is going a different direction (Cast Pistons).  Link :  http://www.wiseco.com/pdfs/wiseco-amc-360-401-piston-rod-kits.pdf

Hooker Super Comps - $500 brand new, never fired up.  I’m going a different direction.  Link : http://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/hok-7103-1hkr/overview/year/1971/make/american-motors/model/amx.

Dual Snorkle air cleaner - $950

15” 8-slot amc amx rims, these are my rims that brother Jason ran on his amx for a number of years.  I doubt I’ll ever own a car they’d be correct for, decent shape, though I’d restore them (ie dip or sandblast and paint – never seen snow, but just old).  $1000 with volcano caps and 3 trim rings.

I have what I think is a service block, I can take measurements if required, and get casting number - $500

401 rods and pistons - $350

John Newell strip kit for machine - $800

Complete ’68-69 amx front clip (except for grill and 1 fender extension, I “think” someone in the east side amc mafia borrowed the hood for a few months, maybe jeff spratt, and I forget why, and alton autobody borrowed it for a summer while he fixed his, I believe it’s a decent hood currently sitting in gloss black epoxy paint).  Not sure what to ask here so I was going to start around $2k.  http://s675.photobucket.com/user/rambling_rebel/media/p1010016.jpg.html

Kennie Parkman built 390, similar engine in a ’69 javelin runs 11.6s on pump gas. Kennie built these two engines near identical, but he claims he spent a bit more in my cylinder heads and got near 300cfm at .700 valve lift. 236 deg cam, 13-1 forged flat tops and with CC and piston work got the compression to 10.40 ish primed and ready for break in. needs starter, carb. I have a mr Parkman prep’d distributer but need a msd box to spark it (all things I was saving for. I have an honest $12k in the engine, I’m looking for $8k as is, $7k if I can swap out my Canton oil pan.

And finally, I don’t know if you’ve seen the ’70 javelin sst I picked up 2 years ago, 390 stick car, rolling chassis, hidden since 1981, needs dash, engine/ trans and assembly. I am not in a place I can do this project. I can provide pictures and details if anyone is interested. I am looking for $4k, new recovered seats and rechromed front and rear bumpers, good grill, no cracks.