New Members

Welcome, Andy and Terry Baril, our newest members!

Andy is a retired Niagara Hydro linesman.  As a "youngster", he used to tear up the streets of Toronto in a fast '70 Mustang.  Terry still works as a receptionist for a company in Niagara Falls.  Over the years, the two of them have enjoyed camping, RVing (no, it's not quite the same thing as camping), trail bike riding and, more recently, going on motorcycle trips together (they each have their own bike) all over Ontario and the US.

Andy wanted to get back into a fast car to rekindle those memories and what better way than to buy your uncle's '69 Javelin.  No, this is no ordinary stock Javelin - it belonged to Mike and Gail Putz and is pretty quick.  I don't remember what times Mike turned at the drags but let's just say, it was no slouch!