New Grandbaby Freelen

By Gary Freelen

baby-chase-freelen-103We had an early delivery that occurred this weekend, and it was a little (7lb 12oz little) unexpected. Chase Freelen was unveiled to the world on Sept. 5 at 07:34. He shares the same birthday as his mother, Carly – who celebrated Labour Day a little differently than usual and indicated she was having a good ‘birthday’ even after all of this took place. Carly and Chase are doing fine, and Matt – will work to recalibrate his sleeping pattern after being up all night on Sunday/Monday. I wish him well on that, as we have already experienced the strong lungs of Chase. He can whoop it up already!

Sonia and I are extremely proud and excited to have held Chase yesterday. I still have a good cradle in my arms and a sway that can put a baby to sleep. He looks exactly like Matt at that age. He is sooooooo beautiful! I have attached a picture.