January 2017!

It's a very cold but sunny day as I sit here in the kitchen, staring outside.  We're just six days into 2017 but already there has been plenty on the go. 

First and foremost, Ken Edwards completed his final round of chemotherapy on December 28th.  Yahoo!  It's been a real trial for both he and Roberta - driving to Oshawa to attend many, many appointments; being plugged in to IV every three weeks to receive the IV chemo (he also had pills for two weeks after each treatment) and then blood tests prior to each treatment; and the typical backlash from the therapy (extreme fatigue, nausea, mood swings).  One unexpected bonus (well, at least for anyone who is follickly challenged - you know who you are!) was hair growth instead of it falling out.  All appears to be going according to plan!  Let's all hope that 2017 is the start of an uneventful year because, as we all know, Ken and Roberta have plans for trips (not the least of which is Gettysburg, PA for the AMO convention).

Harm has been busy working on a few members' cars - he painted Angelo's 1974 Javelin, is working on Randy Weales' 1971 (I think that's the year) Hornet (SC clone) and Mike Putz's 1974 Javelin project.  And somewhere along the line, he (along with some help from me and likely Ken Edwards) will be doing the final assembly of Babs Hillick's 1970 Trans Am Javelin.  He will be trailering it down to Gettysburg and then on to Atlanta to deliver it to her.  As some of you may know, Babs is going through her own battles with breast cancer and we'd all like for her to enjoy this car this year.  A small reward for all she's endured this past year.  His reward will be starting on the expansion of his shop (another approximately 400 sq. ft.) to accommodate his car hoist and the miriade of tools/equipment.  He's been thrilled with how well his shop has turned out but he just doesn't have enough room for all his stuff!  Then, he can start working on his own projects.  He'll be building a 1970 AMX (customized) and hopefully resuming work on the 1931 Model A that I gave him for our 5th anniversary (we'll be married 40 years this July!!).  In his spare time, he'll come out riding with me on his very own horse - Sammy - an 11 year old Standardbred gelding. 

If any of you are working on your own projects, please drop me a few paragraphs (with pictures?) so your efforts can be shared with the group.  It doesn't need to be fancy - I can spruce your words up if you like.  It's just so interesting to hear what others are doing during these cold and snowy winter months.  Even if you're just thinking about your next car, that too would be something to share.

On behalf of AMO+, may I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year!  May 2017 bring you peace and prosperity (in whatever form it comes)!

Barb van der Veen

Website Editor/Social Convenor