AMO Plus Fall Colour Tour

It started off as quite a nice day. When Lessa and I went for our walk early in the morning, there was a nice sunrise and the promise of a lovely day. By noon, the clouds had started to roll in. But I was still hopeful the “promised” rain would hold off until after our Fall Colour drive.

Due to the deterioration of my right knee, I was forced to put my Ambassador away for the winter earlier than I normally would have and so was driving my Pontiac Vibe. I loaded up and headed up to Gail and Mike Putz’s place on the outskirts of Cameron. I was making good time so decided to take the scenic route – along the west shore of Cameron Lake, part of the Kawartha Lakes system. The view across the lake to the colourfully-painted far shores was almost breath-taking. Mother Nature had certainly been having fun with her paintbrush!

I arrived at Gail and Mike’s in good time and while waiting for the rest of the club joining us that day, had a chance to look at their new home, including the new garage that Mike was building to house his cars, including his 1969 Blue Javelin. When it’s done he will have a workshop incorporated in it as well. It is insulated and heated with a wood-burning stove. Very nice! Their home is so cozy and sitting in the woods with the sunroom overlooking the forest behind it, a lovely refuge from the fast-paced world we live in.

We were only missing Ken and Irene Perrier but we couldn’t contact them so we decided to head out. The AMC reps of our intrepid little group were Gail and Mike in Mike’s 1969 Blue Javelin and Ken Edwards and Roberta Sommerville in Ken’s 1970 Big Bad AMX.

Our tour took us through Fenelon Falls over to Bobcaygeon which was built on the narrows between Sturgeon and Pigeon Lakes. In 1833, the provincial government began construction of a lock and canal at the narrows between Sturgeon and Pigeon Lakes. Soon a community began to develop around the lock. Today, Bobcaygeon's chief industry is tourism, particularly related to recreational fishing. Bobcaygeon is a hub for the region, providing many of the services unavailable in the smaller neighbouring communities. There are wonderful little shops along the street and we stopped to explore a few. Ken and Irene found us there and then we were 3 AMC’s – with Ken and Irene in Ken’s 1968 Calypso Correl AMX. We certainly turned a few heads.

Unfortunately, it started to rain and we headed back to Gail and Mike’s for snacks, beverages and great conversations. We caught up on the latest news of work, family etc. We found out that Gary Freelen had recently purchased a 1968 American 2-door hardtop and his plan is to have it ready for the road come spring and hopefully will be joining us for the run to the 2013 International Show. We remembered funny and crazy stories from past events and enjoyed a marvelous supper of nice hot chili and grilled kabobs. By supper time it had really started to pour. So, shortly after desert, we all packed up and headed out.

It’s always such a wonderful time – the last drive for the year, Ontario’s spectacular display of Fall Colours and get together before the snow hits! We are all looking forward to our Christmas Party which will be held at Barb and Harm van der Veen’s, November 17th. I hope to see you all then folks!

By Jodee Scott