Will Spring Ever Come?

I'm just sitting here in our sunroom, looking out onto the fields and thinking there's still far too much snow out there for my liking!  And it's still well below the normal temperature!  Not that you can count on the accuracy of the forecasters, but they have been predicting all along that March (and now April) will be colder than normal.  So far, they've been right.  However, the days are getting longer; I've seen more sunshine lately; and the robins have returned.  It's now time (if you haven't already been doing it) to get your AMCs ready for another season of car shows, cruises, and day trips just to get out there.  Our SC Hornet is still in its trailer (has been since we moved to our new farm in October) but it will be out soon.  There will be a few tweaks and tunes, but it will be what it will be.  It's not a show car by any stretch, but we are still amazed at how many heads turn when we drive by and comments given like "my Dad used to have a Hornet!  Thanks for bringing it out!"  That's the main point I'm trying to make, I suppose.  Regardless of the state of your car, dust it off and get it out there.  As we talked about at our meeting at Jodee's apartment in March, there are many people of this current generation who have never seen an AMC nor know the history.  If we are ever going to encourage them to appreciate/preserve these historic vehicles, this will be one of the ways.  To my mind, there's nothing better than to hear the rumble of a muscle car or see a design/idea that is still relevant today.  Although you don't see them much anymore, the Eagle station wagon always gets my attention.  It might not be "sexy", but it was an idea that was ahead of its time.  Likewise with the Pacer, AMX and I could go on.  AMC might have died many years ago, but their ingenuity lives on in these cars.  It's also so encouraging to see the value has been steadily increasing.  Could it be that some car nuts are fed up with not being noticed when they drive their beautiful (but plentiful) Mustang/Camaro/Cuda??  Time will tell, but I think AMC is about to have its day!  Vive la difference!! Barb van der Veen, Newsletter/Website Editor