So that’s a Matador!!

1974 Matador 1 1974 Matador 2 1974 Matador 4100_0294 100_0299 100_0300Harm was contacted this evening from Bill Webb who has two Matadors for sale:

1974 Red Matador (first three pictures) - he's asking $1,500 for this vehicle.  The '74 engine did run.  The windshield is busted and the hood hinges let go.

1978 Yellow Matador (4th -- 6th pictures) - he's asking $2,500.  This has a much better body.  The engine rolls over but needs a rebuild.

He indicates the pictures are old and that the vinyl roofs on both are looking "sad" with probable rust underneath.

He hopes someone either in the club or who you may know might "love these ole gals".  Contact Bill at: if you're interested or know of someone who might be.
Barb (Newsletter/Website Editor)