Rambler Rama 2017 and 2017 AGM

Written by Barb van der Veen

Rambler Rama was held quite early this year (June 10th) due to the AMO convention in Gettysburg, PA.  Normally, it falls on Fathers' Day weekend and Northern Ramblers wisely followed the suggestion to change the date.  In retrospect, at least from a weather stand-point, it was the right choice - it was a beautiful day with no rain and warm temperatures!  What a fabulous change!!

As usual, our club was integral in putting this event on - from providing some give-away prizes, stuffing goodie bags, "manning" the gate, registration desk, and voter tallying.  Thanks to all those in AMO+ who assisted - Jodee, Harm, Barb, Ken Edwards, Ken and Irene Perrier, Darryl and Chantelle Rae, and anyone else I may have forgotten.  We may be a small club but we are mighty!

Our East Coast representative, Dave Nalepa, drove his 1970 AMX all the way from Cape Breton (2,200 kms), partly for this event but also to hook up with those going to Gettysburg.  In fact, he was the clear winner of the Long Distance Award from Northern Ramblers.  Ken Perrier won for his 1968 AMX; and I received an award for my 1971 Hornet SC360.










What kept many waiting until the final awards were presented was the chance to win the 50/50 draw.  Luck was with Ken Perrier who held the winning ticket.  Drinks were on him!!


Once the dust had died down (and my car boosted - I left the headlights on), we moved over to Haugen's Restaurant for our AGM and dinner.  The minutes of that meeting are posted in a separate section. 


During the AMG, our President, Jodee Scott, formally announced her intention to not only step down as President, but to retire completely from the hobby.  As many of you will remember, she received a beautiful 1967 Ambassador DPL from Bill Putnam from Nevada about six or so years ago – they hadn’t known each other but Bill had a car he wanted to give to a deserving person and who more deserving than Jodee!  She had been involved with AMO+ for many years despite not having an AMC vehicle.  What an amazing gift!  Well, now it’s her time to “pay it forward” and she will be gifting the car to her nephew, Mike Scott, from Lockport, NY later this summer.  Her only qualification is that he joins AMO to ensure the younger generation becomes involved in preserving these fabulous cars!  We will miss Jodee with her enthusiasm and humour, but we know this is a year of transition for her as she moves to retirement from her work career.  All the best, Jodee, as you start the next journey in your life!

There were elections for the officer positions that had come due and this is the list of current/new executive:

President – Gary Freelen (it doesn’t pay to leave the meeting early)

Vice-President – Henry Joneit remains as VP but gives up Membership

Membership – Gail Putz (for one year)

Secretary – Joanne Legon

Treasurer – Mike Putz remains for one more year

Website Editor/Social Convenor – Barb van der Veen agreed to remain for a further term

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Executive!  It doesn’t require a lot of time and effort, just dedication to the club.  As I mentioned at the outset, we are not a large club but we have a strong core with many having known each other for decades!  That certainly doesn’t mean we don’t embrace new members though!  They simply add to an amazing mix of personalities, strengths and abilities.