October Fall Colours

Fall Colours tour – October 1, 2011

By Gary Freelen

Even though the calendar said it was Fall, the day showed summer. The sun shone on the AMO+ members as they paraded through the streets of Milton.

Jodee brought her 67 Ambassador and Mike chauffeured Gail in their 70 Javelin. The great pumpkins arrived with Irene & Ken and Roberta & Ken driving AMX’s.

Originally it was planned to go up to the Forks of the Credit, but after a visit a few days before, it was clear that it wasn’t worth the drive. The Salamander festival was on. We were tipped off that there were bus loads of salamander lovers on their way, and by the time we would have arrived – there would not have been any room for an AMC convoy. The area had changed quite a bit since I had been up there last.

The decision was made, and it was a short drive to a couple of Milton attractions – and I led the way on my Kawasaki. We headed up the back streets to Springridge Farms, where they have a variety of attractions. A gift shop, plenty to eat, lots of fun family attractions. The AMX’s stood out from the rest of the pumpkins and the AMC parade made a lot of people take a double take as we had the AM-C and AM-X factor.

After a snack, and a few purchases to keep the economy moving it was time to move on. We jumped in our vehicles and we were off to Rattlesnake point for a quick tour. Rattlesnake point is used for day picnicking and overnight camping. There are trails that access the Bruce Trail. According to the brochure, “Five breathtaking lookouts dot the edge of towering cliffs of Ontario's striking Niagara Escarpment. For the adventuresome, Rattlesnake Point has three designated sites where experienced rock climbers can scale challenging cliffs under a canopy of rich woods. Hiking enthusiasts can trek the Bruce Trail through the Nassagaweya Canyon complete with trail connections to Crawford Lake”.

We didn’t do any ‘aventure-istic ‘ hiking, but we toured through the park, and once again we stopped a lot of people in their tracks as they watched our cars cruise. We stopped between some trees and basked in the sunshine. We had some of the camper paparazzi stop by to take some pictures and have a look at our AMC classics. Instead of going any further out, we left the park and toured through the colourful escarpment and back to home base for dinner.

Once we got back to the house, we chowed down, and spent the rest of the day chatting and laughing. Thanks to all that brought their delicacies for our dinner. I hope that everyone else had a chance to get out and view the colours in their area.

Hope to see everyone at our Christmas Party! Take care.