Whadaya working on?!?


Let me know what you are working on!  Send me your pictures, and a description to garyfreelen67@gmail.com.  Thanks.

June 2020 -

Here are some pictures of Neil Bullock's AMX.  He recently sent me these, as he was self isolating with his car.  What a safe thing to do, during these times.  What a fantastic garage!  FYI, the cardboard beer case bottoms were only used to bring in an array of smaller parts.

Whadaya working on??!!  

July 2020 - Neil shared with us a nest of F-enches, and it was so heart wrenching how these birds survive on nuts alone.  Look, the mother is locked in on feeding her young open spanners.  One day, they'll grow up and live in a tool nest.  Thanks for sharing Neil!

July 2020 - Tale of two Strut Rods.

Here are the pictures of the Strut Rods that I removed.  The first one is the Driver's side, and it came out magnificently.

This one was the difficult twin.  As noted in the story, it needed more than just a little persuading to leave the Strut Rod behind.  I think you can tell my its mischievous smirk, that it knew it was a pain in the Strut!

Sept. 2020

Hello all!  After a summer apart, it looks like Harm got it all together with Barb's 67 American.  There were some transmission problems that started very early in their ownership of the car.  Have a look, and enjoy the read.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Harm.

Ode to Transmission - Rambler Woes