Social Distanced Fall Colours 2020

Hello all!  We may be distanced from one another, but the colours are beautiful so far this year.

David Hall submitted this beauty

Barb and Harm were out for a tour with their top down!  Why wouldn't ya?!

Gary went to Disneyland, and got Mickey Moused!  Coulda been a cheerleader, with those poms!

Peter Lewco gave us this breath taking road shot from Arrowhead.  Wow!

While some of us may be enjoying Fall, Garry Murphy is watching a spring cactus bloom. G'day!

Ang took a Sunday drive with Deb up in the beautiful Belfountain countryside. Thanks for the pic!

David Hall sent in a picture of his AMX in March!  I hope the heater system worked for you! 

Garry Murphy sent these over the fender foliage shots of some beautiful Australian scenery.  Thanks Mate!

Darryl sent over this picture of his 3 AMXs to add to our tour.  Thanks eh!