How’s It Going, Eh?

Just a quick note to remind everyone to check out all the areas of this website.  I've been adding posts, changing a few details, honouring our past President and good friend, Glenn McDonald and his wife Marsha Dennis.  I've added a public page which briefly describes the club, how to become a member, the types of events we attend, etc.  It's not intended to be active recruitment - just to let people know there are other options out there and perhaps our club might suit their expectations.

As well, the forum is up and running, gaining a little momentum in comments at this point.  Eventually, we hope members can use it to post whatever they have for sale, need to buy/trade or just need some advice on a technical issue.  If there's another topic(s) of burning interest, please let me know as Website Editor and I'll start a new topic.  It's all for fun and information-sharing.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Barb van der Veen, Website Editor/Social Convenor