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    Harm van der Veen

    Just to get things started

    Hay for sale for your horse power. . . . . .

    Call 705 341 4564

    Harm van der Veen

    Sorry, all the hay has been sold, thanks for looking

    Harm van der Veen

    Apparently Dave Hall was interested and wanted to know more details on how much hay it would take to add horsepower to his 390. Well Dave, you could in fact put hay in your 390 but I’m afraid it would have some detrimental effects you may not like such as encouraging mice and other rodents to take up habitat in your carb. Also the digestive system of the 390 does not handle it in its raw form.

    Now if you had some sort of “in between” process such as a cow you could take the hay and reprocess it into methane which would power your AMX quite nicely. 🙂

    Gary Freelen

    My two guys have dibs on at least 200 bales which are already in the barn! Now, they’re looking forward to the barn going up so they can be comfortable this winter! I know this an AMC forum but I thought you might be interested in seeing my Paso Finos!

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    David Hall

    From my experience… horses are very difficult to control. They have neither steering wheels nor handlebars.

    Barb van der Veen

    Well, maybe not steering wheels per se but the reins do help a lot! And if you ride a Western saddle, you’ve got the horn to hang on to! I suppose they’re more difficult to control because the horse has a mind of its own. Oh, wait a minute. I think some of those AMCs have a mind of their own too. When the throttle cable sticks, short of turning the car off (which you can’t do with a horse), you’re along for the ride! I was out for a ride this afternoon with my granddaughter on our other horse and we had a great time before the rain hit!

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