Canada – a new world

I'm sitting here, in the comfort of our new home on 100 acres, thinking about how fortunate we are. Then, I got to thinking. If it weren't for the soldiers who protect us and, sometimes, give their lives for Canada, I might not be able to feel so safe and secure. The events of this past 10 days has brought into sharp focus how much life has changed and will continue to change for us. Gone are the days when you can walk around without seeing soldiers/police with weapons. I saw a picture of the National War Memorial in Ottawa where they had once again opened it to visitors after the murder of Cpl. Cirillo, but with police officers with machine guns! We can't forget Warrant Officer Vincent who was also murdered when he was run over by another "lone wolf" attacker. I don't think we should be paranoid of venturing out, but we do need to be vigilant. Normal, decent Canadians, of all races and religions, condemn these acts. I truly believe that we Canadians will continue to be a tolerant and inclusive country where we accept others as they are. It's up to our government and peace keepers to investigate those who would harm us and disrupt our way of life. Like the Prime Minister and all the politicians in Ottawa said - we will not be intimidated!

Keep the faith everyone!

Your Newsletter Editor - Barb van der Veen