AMX Newsflash

Sunderland, Ontario,

June 30th, 2013.

Ken & (Irene) were invited to a cruise-in by the hosts that told his brother Ron, “boy we’d love to have an AMX show up here! So on Sunday morning Ken got up and went out to the shop to give the AMX a quick wipe down, clean the windows, and vacuum the floors.

Irene insisted on driving the X up there as she had not been behind the wheel since about 1976.The trip went well without incident, and Irene enjoyed the gawking and nice comments as she made our way to a beautiful park for the cruise-in event about halfway between Cannington and Sunderland. The event was organized by the DaSilva racing family and their extended family to raise funds for Lupus Ontario, as two of their family group are undergoing treatment for this very troublesome disease. The DaSilva Racing people are BIG TIME FORD specialists for track and the street.

There were about 55 cars and perhaps another 10 trucks at the show; lots of Mustangs, and many other Ford vehicles, along with 2 Buicks, 1 Chevelle, 2 Dodge trucks and ONE AMX! There were many Very nice vehicles there to be judged for about 7 trophies. This was the first year for this show and next year it WILL be bigger.

Well, come awards time Ken & Irene were strolling over to the stage area with thoughts of (maybe) picking up a trophy for ‘Best Interior’. The MC got things started quickly and before we got close the award was being announced for ‘Best Paint’ and the MC says: “the award goes car number 59 the AMX”! Stunned was the best word to describe Ken’s reaction. Then after a few minutes ‘honored’ seemed more appropriate. WOW! A team of three judges had picked our car and this just proves that, that Orange paint was a great choice for a ’68 AMX.

We had a very nice time even without a trophy, and NO we did not win the 50 / 50 draw of about $460, but the big win for the day was seeing the reps from Lupus Ontario accepting a cheque for $5000.00. Next year????

Keep on Ramblin’ Ken and Irene