AMC Pacer Wagon – 1978

AMC Pacer Wagon - 1978

by Roberta Sommerville

AMC designed the Pacer Wagon to be an exciting looking, efficiently-sized vehicle with a unique blend of mid-size room, ride and handling qualities - so says the advertising brochure.  There definitely is an oversized passenger door for easy entry and exit from the rear seat, panoramic visibility and a wide rear hatch. The fold-down rear seat provides even more loading space especially when you need to have a suitcase, cooler and tools for a long trip.

 My wagon was originally purchased in Manitoba and moved to Ontario with the original owner. After the owner’s death, the car stayed parked in a garage for 15 years with only 80,000 klm.  A gentleman from Port Perry who saw the car’s potential convinced the estate to part with the vehicle.  The car underwent necessary work (i.e. tires, brakes, exhaust, rad hoses, windshield and fresh coat of paint) to make it road worthy.

 At this point, the car needed more money spent on it and being a young married man with children, he was informed that no more money should be spent on restoration.  He put the car up for sale and after much deliberation, I purchased.

 I have spent additional money to make it safe and ready for the road (i.e. power steering hoses, engine mounts shipped from Arizona, front brakes, emergency brake and lights).

 It made its debut at the Bethany car show in May and was part of an article in Old Autos newspaper.

 As a “test” run, Ken and I drove it to the American Motors Convention & Show in Andover, Massachusetts, where it received many favourable comments.  It is a very comfortable ride which was necessary for this 14 hour one-way trip.

 This winter, we plan on removing the interior and doing the necessary updates (seat covers, headliner, and carpets).

I am very pleased to be instrumental in rescuing a small part of AMC history.