2011 AMO Plus Christmas Party


..at the annual AMO Plus Christmas Party, Nov 26th, held at Jodee and Barb Scott’s place in Peterborough. Hosted by Rosie Marie, the Joint’s owner and Cindy Butt, the cigarette girl; such notables are Notorious Nick Nemetz, the North Side Mob Boss with his new fiancé Molly Moll; Mayor Biggs and his formidable wife Mabel; Chief Cameron, the Chief of Police and Hal Hollywood, the Movie Director attended the event.

Everyone was making Whoopee and the hooch was flowing free thanks to Bernie Booze, the bootlegger. It was noted that some scratch was passing hands as Cy Ramsey, the Juice Joint’s Bouncer tried to ensure his position in the mob. Dina Diva, the Juice Joint Singer and Molly were vying for a spot in Hal’s new movie. Natalie Nemetz, Nick’s sister was trying to make sure her best friend Dina would get the part. Gino Gin, the Bartender, and Flirty Flapper, a patron, were also seen greasing palms in support of their favourites.

Rosie asked Nick to make a toast. All of a sudden the lights went out, there was a shot and when the lights came on Nick was lying dead on the floor! P.I. Pinkerton started the investigation by outlining the body in white tape and questioning the guests. Southside Sal, the South Side Mob Boss seemed the obvious choice for the crime but everyone knew that Mugsy Malone, Nick’s right-hand man was also real interested in moving up. Flora Nemetz-Gadora, Nick’s ex-wife was also a suspect as she hadn’t gotten over Nick’s divorcing her after she caught him cheating AND she had shifted her interests to Sal. But as the evidence piled up, P.I. Pinkerton put together a different picture.

It seems Chief Cameron was on Nick’s “payroll”; the gun that killed Nick was confiscated in a police raid and Chief Cameron would have been the only one attending the party who had access to it; and a note that was found in Sal’s pocket – hinting at the dirty deed, had the initials CR – which initially were thought to be Cy Ramsey but turned out to be the Chief’s initials – for Cameron Rottier – found on a file of the Chief’s. So the Chief was arrested for the crime!

The Smoking Gun Award for Super Sleuth went to Mary Vander Meulen. The Dressed to Kill Award was graciously accepted by Barb van der Veen. The Drama Queen Award was presented to Roberta Sommerville . And last but not least, Mr. Money Bags Award was received by Sonya Freelen.

At great time was had by all. Everyone got in to the “swing” of things. The supper following had a variety of taste to delight the pallet and the Secret Santa gift exchange was a hoot.

Thanks to everyone for making the night a “Bees Knees” event. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!

Rosie Marie (Jodee Scott)