Tom Bunsey All American Gathering

Hello Chapter Contacts!
As Events Chairman of our chapter (Ohio American Motors Classics), I have set out to achieve the largest gathering of 1958 - 1969 Americans ever assembled since they left the factory.  This effort will be referred to as the "Tom Bunsey All American Gathering" in honor of our departed member, Tom Bunsey. Tom, who loved Americans, had a wealth of knowledge concerning their parts and repair.
The "Gathering" will be a part of the Rambler and Hurst classes at the AMO International Convention next July in Auburn, IN, and will be judged as they always have been.  Our club will present six or seven awards to the owners of these cars - chosen by special guests as their favorites.
In conjunction with this effort, I have initiated a registry for '64 - '69 Americans, including S/C Ramblers. The registry for '58 - '63 models will be kept by Ron Helderman, of the Hoosier AMC Club (Indiana).
In order to sign owners up for the registries, we must contact them to obtain their personal and car information.  As a matter of privacy and security, owner’s information will be kept secure by the administrators of the registries.
AMO was not able to give me the list of American owners or phone numbers and email addresses.  I cannot afford postage to mail out inquiries to all the club members.  So, what I need from the chapters is this information on its American owners.  If you don't have a listing of members' cars as part of your chapter roster, can you provide me with the members' email addresses or phone numbers so
I can contact them personally?
The '64 - '69 registry is already at 375 entries thanks to AMCRC, who keeps a listing of cars owned by their members.  The early American registry has a similar number so far.  Our goal is to sign up at least 750 owners and 1000 Americans on each registry.
As far as the "Tom Bunsey All American Gathering" goes, our goal is to have 100 Americans on the show field.  The early American group could also have an equal number of entries.  It could be the largest group ever assembled.  Thanks for your help.  Anyone who wants to sign up their car can email me at  The info needed on the car must include the year, model, number of doors, drive-train as original, drive-train now if modified, and all personal contact information.
Also, please look for our ads concerning this event in the AMO and AMCRC newsletters in 2013.
Casey McGowan
OAMC Events Chairman