Spring Planning Meeting 2016

Mike and Gail Putz were our hosts for this year's planning meeting on Saturday, April 23rd.  It turned out to be a sunny, dry day so Harm brought Mike's 1969 Javelin back home after its winter slumber in our garage.  Jodee and I followed in my 1971 Hornet SC360 which was the Javelin's sleep buddy for six months.  When we drove up their laneway, the cars were greeted by Ken's 1970 orange AMX (as well as a few miscellaneous other vehicles who shall remain nameless).  Beeping of horns and flashing of lights abounded as the AMCs got re-acquainted with each other.  That gave the rest of us the chance to slip inside and enjoy human company and great food!  The one thing you can certainly say for our members - they sure can put on a fantastic pot luck spread!  Gary Freelen (sans Sonia - she was ill) made his famous taco dip; Roberta and Ken brought a shrimp dip (yummy); Joanne, Mark and Jake arrived with devilled eggs (which didn't make it out alive); delicious muffins made by Jodee; etc., etc.

The meeting went flawlessly with Jodee, as President, at the helm.  Decisions were made about upcoming events; club flags and buttons; assistance for Northern Ramblers' annual car show, as well as updates from our AMO Chairman of the Board, Harm.  Actually, the percentage of official AMO involvement is very high in our club - Harm (COB), Ken Edwards (Board member), Jodee Scott (Chapter Director) and Gary Freelen (Concours Chairman).  And with Robin Carruthers from the Manitoba club now on the Board, that makes 5 Canadians!  Cool eh?

More great food was served after the meeting (burgers and sausages courtesy of Mike and Gail), salads brought by Angelo Fedele and the van der Veens; and desserts!  Our AMCs were able to handle the extra weight after we gorged ourselves but did groan a bit as we got in!  That's okay - they're resting now until the next time we have a car show to go to.  That will be in Bethany on the May long weekend (Sunday, May 22nd).  Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Barb van der Veen, Website Editor/Social Convenor